Summer Couscous with Halloumi Cheese

Maybe it’s the heat or my recent detox but I feel like Coco has lost her mind lately.  She’s gotten so tough to be around.  Everything is an argument. EVERY time I ask her to do something she responds with, “Why should I?” Would it be wrong to answer “because I’m going to smack you six ways from Sunday if you don’t!”??

Is three really the new thirteen?

I posted on the subject to my mommy group and got some great responses, ranging from “yep, totally normal three year old behavior” to “HAH you ain’t seen nothing til you’ve seen four!”  Some of the moms of babies commented that our stories left them reeling between tears of laughter and pangs of fear.  So very much for all of us to look forward to!

So, to celebrate surviving this day (all three of us!) we are having a favorite dinner,  just the two of us, and watching Inglorious Basterds on cable.  Going big, yeah.  That’s how we roll.

Summer Couscous with Halloumi Cheese

Summer Couscous Salad

Go get the recipe.  This is seriously awesome. And use Israeli couscous instead of the normal stuff. It is ten times better. I promise!


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One Response to Summer Couscous with Halloumi Cheese

  1. Just wanted to say – give raspberries to the people that say it gets worse with the age. I swear, every age so far has had its challenges, but oh my goodness, also the wonder. I love, love, love 10 & 11. But I can say, I loved all the ages/phases that my kids have gone through (after the potty training was done, before that, it was tough to love what they were learning while knowing I was going to have to wipe their asses with a wet cloth eventually). I love it that they can go on hikes now. I love it that they can last almost all day long at Disneyland. I love it that we can have conversations about movies, songs, dances, and books. Politics? My kids can even converse on that! You have much to look forward to and yeah, there will be some hitches along the way.

    At 3, Teresa used to hurt my feelings (all the time) when she would hold up 2 outfits and say in her innocent & slightly husky voice “Mama? Which one?” It didn’t matter which one I chose, she immediately put on the other one. I fell for that 1 until one day I looked at her and said, “you know what? I bugs me when you do that. Why do you ask me, when you know you will pick the other one. Can we not play this anymore?” She batted those baby browns at me and just replied “Sure, mama!”

    I am hoping that the slight sassiness that I see from both of my kids translates into something funnier than I am experiencing right now. But then again, it is not all day long. And I still get my snuggling in while they are still amenable.

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