The Halloween Peasant Top and Spiced Bulgar, Chickpea and Squash Salad

Today is the first day of fall classes with my three year old, otherwise known (at least for this day) as the demon. We’ve got art, tap / ballet, gymnastics, children’t theater and “Adventures in Storytelling” which I think is another theater class. Coco is a very social child but I didn’t want to send her to preschool yet so we’re taking lots of classes together. Art is tough because I want to play, too! I have to sit on my hands a lot. Today we played with air drying clay and it was just impossible not to dig in but the demon wasn’t having it. She took great joy in destroying everything I touched. Makes a mommy rrreally look forward to quiet time!

So I’ve decided that mid September is not too early to get our Halloween crafting and decorating on. Am I wrong? Never mind that I made Coco’s Halloween peasant top back in August(!!) This is the first time she wore it.

Can you see the little ghosts and gravestones? The sleeves are spiderwebs! I have a ton left of both and I don’t know what to do with it. I’m thinking skirts for my “someday” Etsy shop…

This isn’t the first peasant top, I’ve made. I can’t help myself, these are so much fun! I just picked up some corduroy I want to try next.

Patty Young for Michael Miller

I’ve only ever worked with light cotton so it should be interesting. I’ll gladly take any tips!

Finally, gotta post about dinner last night. This is from a BBC cooking mag called Good Food.

Spiced bulghar, chickpea & squash salad

This tasted just like Fall. For the Americans, instead of Harissa paste, you can you Siracha sauce (the red Asian sauce with the rooster on it!) Also, 140 grams of bulgar wheat equals a cup and I used two cups of hot broth. I added lemon zest to the yogurt. Any Greek style yogurt will work. I didn’t have any spinach handy so I skipped it. This really was beyond easy!

Keeping It Simple




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2 Responses to The Halloween Peasant Top and Spiced Bulgar, Chickpea and Squash Salad

  1. Bella says:

    Hey Mrs. Diva, THANK you so much for linking this adorable top to my very NEW party **6 weeks 2 Spook**. I am thrilled you found me, and that you decided to join. I look forward to more of your creative projects. Can’t wait to see your costume. Make sure to come back and link up when you are done. Oh and any other projects, not halloween related, are most welcome at my regular weekly party, starting every Tuesday. Thanks again, Bella 🙂

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