Halloween Skirt… or Pirate Skirt, I guess

So today was our first day of Children’s Theater (yet ANOTHER drop off class. Who knew and why didn’t anyone tell me this??) Coco proudly sashayed in wearing her new Halloween skirt covered in scary skulls and was promptly told by the one boy in the class, “You’re a pirate.”

Pirate Skirt

Halloween Skirt

“No I’m not, I’m scary!” she replied. “Pirates are scary” the sweet boy explained as he wandered away. “WELL I’M A HOLLAWEENIE!” she yelled after him. Yes you are, my love.

The inspiration was the Lazy Days Skirt, of course, but the hem is my own strategy. Next time I’ll take photos while I’m putting it together. And there will be a next time, never fear. I’m basically a two hit wonder at this point. I can do a peasant shirt and an elastic skirt and I plan on doing both until my kid gets a job and starts buying her own clothes. Or until I take another sewing class. Magic Eight Ball says, “Cannot predict now.”

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2 Responses to Halloween Skirt… or Pirate Skirt, I guess

  1. This is cute, and how funny, she is Halloweenie, I love it. Thats a really cute pic too, and of course that you will continue making clothes for them until they get a job, perfect one to use on my own kids, lol. My daughter would actually love this skirt all year long, and the lace makes it is girly. THANK YOU so much for joining us over at **6 weeks 2 Spook** my new party for Halloween. I am thrilled you came, and hope to have you back with much more fun ideas. Thanks Bella 🙂

  2. Oh no, I have no idea what is going on with the feeder thing. LIKE seriously NO CLUE, I am surprised I even managed to do anything on my blog so far, Im so not a techie person. However I have seen that some people were experiencing some problems with their feeds, so Im not sure whats going on. Shoot, that sucks. I just clicked on the bottom of the comments section, to send me notifications of new posts, so that should work for me, lol. Yeah, the boxes will be fun, and if I actually do them anytime soon the better, lol. You know how that goes, just because I want to do it, doesn’t mean I will get around to it, unfortunately. Lets hope for the best. Thanks for that link too, can’t wait to check it out, sounds fun. Bella 🙂

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