The Line Diet or Steve Ward Diet or Easiest Diet Ever…

Steve Ward Diet

The Line Diet

Nicole at Make it Lovely has this great 30 Before 30 list that I’m way too old to join in on but I did crib a fantastic idea she cribbed from the internet. It’s called the Steve Ward Diet which basically is just a simple graph where you plot your desired weight loss by date. On days when you’re above the line you eat nothing but broccoli or lean fish or if you’re me, you drink fresh veggie juices all day. On days when you’re below the plot line, you eat as you wish.

Nicole’s chart is here and the original post is here. My contribution to the conversation (besides potential public diet failure) is the awesome online chart I found here. This lovely thing does all the work for you. Did I mention it’s free?

And here’s another contribution: a juice recipe that will keep you going.

One large cucumber, whole
One zucchini whole
Two small apples whole (if they’ll fit through the mouth of your juicer)
One lime (sloppily cut off the peel)
Two handfuls of spinach
One small red pepper (deseeded)
One stalk celery
Quarter avocado (peeled)

Put everything except the avocado into the juicer. Soft stuff like spinach will juice better if you sandwich it between the apples. Pour juice into blender, add avocado and a handful of ice. Blend, drink a full glass immediately and put the rest in a sealed container. Drink in three hours.

That should get you through til lunch. On fatty days I’ll repeat three more times throughout the day. You’ll pee a lot but you feel pretty great. Let me know if you want more recipes. I’ll probably post more anyway but I can get more specific if you tell me what you like.


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