Farro with Roasted Butternut Squash

Do you know about 101CookBooks.com? Heidi writes and photographs beautifully – she’s got a great eye and great taste. All the recipes I’ve tried have been delicious . I definitely can’t say that about Martha Stewart.


Farro with Roasted Butternut Squash

Last night we had Farro and Roasted Butternut Squash. The balsamic vinegar and fresh thyme mixed beautifully with the roasted squash and onions. One thought, though. The recipe did not call for soaking the farro so I didn’t. It tasted lovely but I thought the consistency wasn’t quite right. Next time I’ll give it a soak for twenty minutes and see if that helps.


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5 Responses to Farro with Roasted Butternut Squash

  1. googiemomma says:

    wow. that pic makes me droooolll..and that’s saying something for me {right now}
    thanks so much for visiting my blog! your peasant tops & skirts are adorable! can’t wait to see what you come up with next…:o)

  2. Hey girl, Thanks for stopping by, and I have checked out recipes 101 before, heck yeah everything does look yummy. That dish you tried looks really good especially now, with it starting to cool off finally.

    So more bad news about your comments, and MY guess as to why you don’t get many, which is unfortunate because I think you have a great blog. WordPress makes for THE WORST comment making experience. Word verification is nothing, compared to having to enter your name, email, and website EVERY time you leave a comment. When you are pressed for time, many people Im guessing just wont do it. I have to admit, I typically don’t comment as much with wordpress as blogger, and if I do, I try to leave all my comments at one time, even if they are for different posts, just because it sucks so bad.

    Sorry but that’s what I think is going on. 😦 I will keep coming and saying hello, but can’t say about the rest. Clearly I hit the nail on the spot with my suggestion the other day, and since everyone hates word verification and thats just one thing to do, then you poor thing are really out of luck. I have no idea if there are options to make it easier to leave comments, you should inquire about this, and see.

    Have a great day though, and don’t get too discouraged, I think you are doing great as you are !!! Bella 🙂

  3. Ok just kidding about having to enter it every time, see like now I didn’t have too, but if I’m going to another wordpress blog, I would, I think, ohhh I don’t know, but see just that initial doing it, is enough to make people not want too. Ohh and one more thing I find so much better FOR ME, on blogger is the friends feature, don’t know if you can add that on here, just something I noticed. It’s so nice to be able to follow you and then I can get updates on reader everytime you post, which now having to get email doesn’t work, I get a million emails a day, and don’t go thru them all, so thats just one more thing. Ughhh, ok didn’t mean to make your day start off bad, but just wanted to reply to your comment on my post, and help you understand, but I have no good news to share, 😦 and no advice on what to do, other than switch over to blogger, lol. Hugs to your little model from me, her top is really cute, and bribing with the cat in the hat, was good. Yeah a lot of bribing in my house too, works almost every time. Bella 🙂

    • divaskychick says:

      Okay, I can’t change over to blogger so that’s out, even though I rrrrreally want google friends connect. I’m starting to do the research, though. I’ve heard if you buy your own domain you can make it happen. I can’t take any shortcuts (like hiring someone to do it for me) for the same reason that blogger is out: My husband has to blog for work and he’s stuck with wordpress so he asked me to help him figure it out. That was actually the reason I started blogging! I had wanted to for some time but his request got me going and it wouldn’t be fair to abandon him now!

      I love reading your blog. You’re doing a great job and obviously gaining followers with your unique voice. I’m glad to be “in” on it from the beginning!

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