Line Diet, First Week

Okay, before we start let me just say that I KNOW I’m not fat. I’ve really wrestled with posting this because I’m sure I’m going to piss some people off. I WAS 160 lbs but I lost most of that 2.5 years ago. This is about those last few pounds that will NOT go away. This is about being in my forties and wishing for my twenties body. This is about a post baby body and the cute, pre-baby wardrobe in boxes, still waiting for me. Anyway, this week ends in defeat.

Friday, September 24 – 126 lbs – Didn’t think to take a screen shot.

Saturday, September 25 – 123 lbs

Line Diet Sept 25 weigh in

September 25

I’m only trying to lose about 8 lbs, the last of the baby weight. I was a skinny girl and even though I’m 44 years old, I’d like to fit into my old jeans. But seriously, the goal eludes me. I’ve seen drops like this a zillion times. Tomorrow or the next day I’ll be 126 again. It’s like a magnet. Or a Twilight Zone episode.

Sunday, Sept 26 – 124 lbs
Didn’t juice yesterday. It shows.

Line Diet results Sept 26

September 26

Monday, Sept 27 – 124 lbs
Juiced yesterday, did pretty well and had a fabulous dinner but ate too much of it. I’m guessing I’ll be lighter tomorrow if I’m careful today.

September 27

Tuesday, Sept 28 – 123 lbs
Ate well yesterday. Juiced until noon then mostly had left overs from the Farro with Roasted Butternut Squash dinner I made the other night. Unfortunately, I’m out of good produce so there won’t be juice today. So sad there’s only three weeks left at the Farmers Market! Here’s my weigh-in:

Sept 28

Wednesday, Sept 29 – 124 lbs
Ugh. I feel lighter but the scale does not lie. I meant to juice all day today but Coco and I slept in until 9 am (don’t be a hater!) and somehow, even though class (Adventures in Storytelling) doesn’t start until 12:30, we ended up rushing around trying to get out of the house on time. Oh, and it turns out there’s a candy store RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the school. Very evil clever, those candy sales people.

Sept 29

September 30 – 125
I am officially over the line.

September 30 Screen Shot

What did I say last week? It’s like a Twilight Zone episode. Except that by logging my weight daily, I am forced to accept the truth. I made NO effort to lose weight this week. I only made juice two days out of seven (well today is still possible!) I had a glass of wine most evenings. There was candy involved. Last night was a friend’s birthday and there was MUCH wine and PIZZA involved. So I can’t feel betrayed by my body. Pretty much the other way around if I’m being honest.

I’m going to call this a learning week. The question is, do I need to reset the goal? What would I have to weigh tomorrow to be back on track? Sigh.

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