Baby Gifts and Dolly Diapers

One of Coco’s best friends became a big sister this week. Never has a three year old girl been more baby crazed than Emma. She’s had her own baby doll, Sophie, for ages. She feeds her, diapers her and carries her around in a doll sized sling. This child was ready!

Of course I had to make something for the baby, that’s what you do, right? But I had way more fun making a little blanket and dolly diapers for Emma. I guess it has something to do with the new baby being unable to get excited about her gift. Emma will be thrilled and that’s what I live for.

For the new baby I made burp cloths. No pattern, just cut a fat quarter in half, cut two pieces of chenille to match, sewed right sides together, pulled right sides out through a two inch hole at one end and then topstitched all around. Easy Peasy.

Burp Cloths

Emma’s gift required lace, of course.

Lace trimmed baby blanket

Dolly Diapers

I made the diapers using this awesome and easy tutorial from the fabulous Cindy at Skip to My Lou. The only thing I changed was to sew the velcro on before putting the pieces together. And while we’re talking velcro, can we just agree that one must not use the sticky backed type for sewing? I still don’t know how much damage I did to my machine but let’s just say I lost two sewing needles in the malay and I’m pretty sure there’s some sticky thread up in the works somewhere. I broke two more needles hand sewing the remaining velcro bits and the final, victory needle needs to be tossed.

Now Coco wants diapers for her utterly ignored baby doll and I’m thinking snaps. Anybody know how to do those?

I’m linking up today.

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2 Responses to Baby Gifts and Dolly Diapers

  1. Maryanne @Scrappy Gifts says:

    What a great gift. Love the dolly diapers =D

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