Play Kitchen: After and Before

While we’re talking kitchens, look at this sad thing:

A little sad

Sadder still...

It has been stickered and destickered. Our neighbor’s baby used it as a crutch when she was learning to walk. The velcro keeping the oven door closed has given up the ghost not once, not twice but three times. You know I have issues with velcro so that last part is probably no surprise.

Here’s how it looked when I first made it, using these plans on I bought on Etsy.

Homemade Play Kitchen

Wasn’t she cute? Don’t you want to crib my idea for burners? They’re from Joann’s in the unpainted wood section, around the corner from the $2 bird houses.

I love the sweet fabric that hides the sink and provides storage. Don’t even ask how long that Italian vase lasted.

This was simple but NOT easy for me to make to make and I’ve never been more proud of myself for sticking with it. The cardboard was all free (flat screen TV boxes are best.) I bought the green contact paper at a thrift shop – it’s SO cute and I have more – what do I do with it???

The whole thing cost less than $20 to make and lasted about a year. I mean, it’s still standing and gets plenty of abuse love so I guess you could say it’s still going strong but Grandmama has offered the princess a brand spanking new kitchen and I’m thinking that would be pretty cool.

I guess I’ll try my hand and some of this stuff:

DIY felt Lovely Cookie set and Kitty cups, kitty place mat

Or maybe this:

DIY Felt Curry vegetables and casserole

Anything to NEVER have to cut through three layers of cardboard again.


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