Nesting in November

Fall makes me “nesty.” I’ve been cleaning and reorganizing the past few weeks and sewing up a storm. I want to bake butter slathered acorn squash and cook hearty soups, sew duvet covers and wear cashmere. I want to make a wreath for the door and start my Christmas shopping. I love being at home this time of year!

I’ve been taking a five week “homewares” sewing class at the Lill Street Art Center. We’re supposed to be working on napkins, placemats, curtains and pillows but the instructor is very laid back (no patterns!) and really wants us to work on whatever we want. It’s kind of like getting together with a bunch of strangers for some dedicated sewing time, and having an instructor around to help if you get stuck. In a way, it’s just what I need.

Last night I made fitted sheet for Coco’s toddler bed. Nothing to show you because I just used a cream color muslin for the first time to see how it would come together. It was ridiculously easy using instructions from here. Do yourself a favor and watch the video on sewing with elastic if you’ve never done so. Even my instructor learned something.

I’ve also completed these:

Thanksgiving Dinner Napkins

I used Sew4Home‘s directions for the napkins instead of the teacher’s. Then I made these coordinating cocktail napkins without any instructions.

Thanksgiving Cocktail Napkins

Just sew right sides together but leave a hole to turn inside out. Top stitch around the edge (which also closes the hole.)

The fabric is Lotus Garden by Stonehill. I’m thinking about buying some coordinating yardage and making a table cloth like this one:

Tablecloth from

Does that look hard? It should be as simple as cutting and sewing straight lines, neither of which I’m particularly good at. Something to do with patience?!

The whole project has to be done before Thanksgiving because we’re having a pretty good size get together – six adults and three three year olds if no one else gets invited between now and then. As it is, I’ll have to borrow chairs. I don’t care, though. I love a house full of friends, family and good food. These particular friends are like family and their daughters are some of Coco’s best friends. Isn’t that lucky? I’m not quite ready to cook but I have my November issues of Martha Stewart and Bon Appetit next to my bed and I’ve got cranberry sauce on the brain. This time I’m going to quadruple the recipe and MAYBE we’ll have some left over. Maybe…
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