Day 5: Juicing Ain’t So Bad…

(She says as she munches on a pilfered yogurt covered pretzel)

Raw V8 Juice v.1

Ahhh Day Five… Started out fabulous with a totally savory V8 style raw juice. It was pretty good. Not perfect but a good first try. Everything you see here PLUS a peeled lemon and a quarter of an avocado in the blender, a little celery salt, onion powder and some tabasco. Oh, and I only used a quarter of that jalapeno. I will make some version of this again tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow morning I have something special planned. Stay tuned, folks.

I can’t believe I’ve been drinking the same Kitchen Sink juice for two years and only just last week started changing it up. What a waste of opportunity! I just had no idea so many options existed. I mean, juicing a pumpkin was a flat out revelation. Now I’m eyeing a red onion, a butternut squash and some lentil beans… Can you juice sprouted lentils? I have no clue. But I’ll bet Google does.

My afternoon juice (and I make huge batches so it’s not like I’m drinking only two juices a day) was another experiment. Some pineapple, an apple, heart of romaine, kale, celery, carrot and a cucumber through the juicer and then in blender I put in maybe half a cup of raw beet I had been marinating in Ani’s Golden Elixir (mainly lemon juice, olive oil, raw honey and raw soy sauce.) I guess the olive oil takes it off the super great weight loss plan. Not to mention the honey. Didn’t taste as wonderful as I thought it would but it was very good. Maybe the pumpkin pie juice has just ruined me forever. My taste buds have evolved and there’s no going back.

Okay, then there’s that pretzel… Look, I have a three year old. That I didn’t eat a whole BAG of pretzels is a victory. So there. 😛


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Mom, wife, skydiver, rock climber, juicer, crafter and fan of wicked scary zombie novels.
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