“Cranberry Sauce” Juice

Again and again lately I’m saying to myself; If only I had known… if only I had realized! So many juices to try and only one day left on my juicing fast. I may have to extend but I’ll call it a juice feast because there’s nothing about this diet that feels like a sacrifice and that’s how I usually feel about fasts…

Ingredients for Cranberry Sauce Juice

This morning’s juice was inspired by fall again, and thinking about the Thanksgiving dinner we’ll be hosting. My very favorite part of Thanksgiving, aside from family and friends and you know, giving thanks and all that, is cranberry sauce. Specifically, a cranberry citrus type of relish-y thing that I could eat exclusively for months on end but for some crazy reason only prepare once a year. What’s up with that, anyway???

So fresh cranberries were obviously top of the list. Some oranges, peeled before juicing. Kale, celery and carrots to keep it honest. I was going to add that lemon in the photo but the juice was tart enough. In the blender I added ice, a teaspoon of raw organic honey and a quarter teaspoon or so of allspice.

Super yummalicious “Cranberry Sauce” juice. I made about 32 oz and that got me right through to 3 pm and even gave me the strength to bypass pilfering one of Coco’s freshly baked mini croissants from Harvest Time. Those things are little fluffy butterballs of evil but they’re the bribe that gets me twenty minutes of peace while I shop for juice supplies.

This afternoon’s juice is based on a recipe in the liquid lounge, as I remember it. I didn’t have time to go back and look. Sorry no photo.

Three little red apples, maybe Macs or Galas? Some kale, four stalks of celery, a handful of spinach, a cucumber and half a jalapeno. Blended with ice, it is awesomeness. I don’t really have the right to name it but if I did, I would call it “Hot Green Summer” or something like that. It’s neon green and it tastes a little like a hot summer day…


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Mom, wife, skydiver, rock climber, juicer, crafter and fan of wicked scary zombie novels.
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    OK cool to see- interesting blogs are always welcome! See yas.

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