Good Morning Day 7 and Hello Purple Cabbage

Woke up this morning to a lovely cup of coffee brought to me in bed and brewed by my coffee loving husband. He can’t drink the caffeinated stuff anymore so he vicariously lives through me. It’s particularly tough for him because I prefer a light roast from Duncan Donuts or similar and he loves the darkest, blackest roasts from the heart of Africa (I guess!) When we met I was drinking instant coffee but that was “intolerable” and one compromises in a marriage, right?

Anyway, I drank his newest find (“it was on sale and I just KNOW you’ll love it!”) and I promptly dry heaved over the toilet until I thought I would die. ARRRRGGGG the headache. I blame this on you, Day 7! It’s entirely your fault that a) there was nothing in my guts to barf out and b) I am tolerating poison with far less aplomb than usual.

So that may be the end of coffee for a while. Never fear, tired brain. I promise to feed you some Earl Grey tea later in the day. And I promise to try the chia pet seeds I bought yesterday which are supposed to be some kind of Aztec warrior super energy food. They just better not turn my hair green. I’m just saying.

So today’s new recipe had to incorporate purple cabbage since that is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard of juicing, after pumpkin.

Purple Cabbage Juice

Juiced half of a small cabbage, two tart green apples, a couple of carrots to sweeten it up and some kale. Tasted it then added half a red pepper for more sweetness. Blended with a handful of mint and ice and success! Another yummy juice I will definitely make again.

I’ve got a bag of guavas in the fridge so if anyone has recipes to share, I’m interested.


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Mom, wife, skydiver, rock climber, juicer, crafter and fan of wicked scary zombie novels.
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