Day Nine: Radish Juice Recipe

Look at that pretty red color!

So I’ve been looking for new recipes based on what’s ripe at the market. I bought guavas and pomegranates but haven’t really figured those out yet. I also bought radishes to munch on while juicing, for those moments when you need a little crunch to stay sane.

A search of guava juice recipes turned up pretty empty so I decided to just make it up myself. The first three guavas I dropped into the blender shot through to the back without producing a drop of juice! What the heck? So I juiced a pineapple, carrots, cucumber, the last of the kale and celery… sort of everything, and then spooned the guava into the blender, sans skin.

It was very tasty and thick but I don’t know how guava-ish it tasted. A little. And I had seeds at the bottom of my glass. I might do that again just because the thickness was nice but I can also get that from a banana. So far I’d call the guava experiment a fail.

This morning I looked at the pomegranates and thought about the work of getting those yummy little seeds out. Then I turned to my nice bowl of bright red radishes and voila!

Mandy’s Sinus Clearing Radish Juice -makes 32 oz

Big bunch of radishes
One cucumber
One quarter pineapple
Two carrots
One little nub of ginger
One lemon, peel and all
Three small red apples

Throw everything in the juicer then blend with ice.

This definitely tastes like radishes, which is weird. It’s good (but not 32 oz good.) The recipe could definitely be improved upon. Not a fail – it did clear my sinuses – but I don’t think I’ll be the one to achieve greatness here.


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Mom, wife, skydiver, rock climber, juicer, crafter and fan of wicked scary zombie novels.
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    Great site, stick with it!

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