Your Daily Juice with Garlic

I’d call this one a work on progress. It’s meant to be some version of a Virgin Bloody Mary but it’s not there yet. It’s good. I think the Worcestershire Sauce and spices dominate. Maybe the tomatoes just aren’t tasty enough, being out of season as they are. Anyway, if these flavors are your alley, give it a shot.

Tomatoes, red peppers, celery, garlic and spices

Spice Up Your Morning

In Juicer:
3 Big Ripe Tomatoes
1 Red Pepper
3 Celery Stalks
1 Red Apple

In Blender add:
Big Handful Ice
1 TBS Nutritional Yeast
1 TSP Worcestershire Sauce
1 Half TSP Onion Powder
Pinch Black Pepper
Tiny Pinch Raw Garlic
Tabasco Sauce to Taste


About divaskychick

Mom, wife, skydiver, rock climber, juicer, crafter and fan of wicked scary zombie novels.
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