Your Daily Juice – and I Need a New Juicer

After two years of almost daily juicing and sometimes up to five juices a day, my wonderful Breville Juicer is crying out in pain. I think I’m going to have to replace her, SOON.

Do I shell out for the Vita Mix?  Or stick with what has been loyal and trustworthy? What to do, what to do. The Vita Mix can make nut butters and milks. Imagine making your own almond butter. Okay that might not do much for you but we shell out the bucks for the stuff. Same with almond milk. By the way, I found a great and super easy recipe for making your own Greek style yogurt – in a crock pot, no less. Probably won’t have a chance to make it before the holidays but I promise to in the new year. The savings on that alone over a year could be hundreds of dollars.

But onto the good stuff – your Daily Juice:

Carrots, Apples, Cranberries, Ginger, Oranges

I’m cleaning out the fridge so we’re getting creative here.

2 Oranges
Some Apples, depends on size, red or yellow
3 Carrots
Handful Cranberries
Small piece of Ginger

Juice all then blend with ice. Wonderful neon orange color tastes fantastic. Loads of beta carotene, folic acid and calcium . This is great for detoxing and fighting colds. Daddy is out of town but Coco says, “Mmmmmmm, yummy!”

So there you go.


About divaskychick

Mom, wife, skydiver, rock climber, juicer, crafter and fan of wicked scary zombie novels.
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