Christmas Peasant Tops and a Mad Mix of Tutorials

I’ve been making a load of Christmas Peasant Tops for Coco and some of her best friends. Unfortunately the instructions on Inditutes only goes to T4! I could do the math but I don’t think size 5 is merely a slightly bigger 4. Five year olds are little girls, aren’t they?! Slightly different bodies. I need to figure it out or perhaps I’ll buy this pattern over at Little Lizard King.

And speaking of the fabulous Ms. Lizard (or is it Ms. King?) Have you checked out her patterns and her blog? I’ve booked marked several pages over the past year, thinking that when my sewing skills improve I’ll give them a try. Then there was THIS POST where she showed us the most darling apron skirts and requested volunteer pattern testers to help her be certain her instructions were all crystal clear. OHHH I wanted to be a pattern tester for that skirt!! And wouldn’t I be a perfect tester since I’m such a novice that if anything was the least bit unclear, I’d be stuck!

Sadly, I was too late to jump on that wagon but instead, she asked me if I would like to test another pattern for her and site unseen I said, “YES MAAM!”

In just a few hours (if you put the fifteen minute intervals Coco gives me all in a block) I made this:

Is that the cutest little dress or what? Over a long sleeve tee and tights it will be perfect for a birthday party we’re going to tomorrow.

My favorite thing ever is when someone compliments an outfit or scarf Coco is wearing and she says, “Thanks! My mommy made it for me.” Seriously? Will work for appreciation. Who needs food?

Which brings me back to the Christmas peasant tops. I’m hoping to photograph each of the recipients wearing her new top because cute little girls modeling clothes make such better photos than clothes on hangers. I’m not a great photographer on a good day but a happy, smiling child can make anything or anyone look good.

Having said that, I’m too excited about how this turned out not to share a few photos of it coming together.

Christmas Peasant Top – Front



The fabric is Twelve Days of Christmas from Kate Spain for Moda. I used the Inditutes tutorial but I also read over the one at Prudent Baby, where I got the idea to do the extra topstitching around the neck and arms. For the grosgrain ribbon hem I used the tute over at Oliver + S but I closed the ribbon in the hem for a cleaner look.

I’m pretty thrilled with how this turned out. I still love the pom pom trim I did on a few a while back but if you do that, wash it in a lingerie bag. Those pom pom grab everything in the dryer and come out really linty. No fun.

Can’t wait to get photos of all the girls modeling their new tops!


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