New Year’s Revolutions: Mieux Vaut Tard Que Jamais.

Don’t cliches sound better in French?

Sophie, Ben and Coco

The new year started out tough for the Fitch family. After a wonderful Christmas surrounded by her grandchildren, Grandmama was scheduled for a full knee replacement, marking the first time in 40 years she’d see the inside of a hospital as a patient. She has always been the caregiver, never the receiver. She left her large and very close family in Quebec to marry an American electrical engineer, raised three children, helped Grandpapa run a business and then cared for the grandkids before and after school while their parents worked full time. When we had our colicky little girl in London far from the help of family and friends, Grandmama flew to the rescue on 24 hours’ notice when we thought we’d fall apart from lack of sleep.

Grandmama & Coco

Now it was her turn to accept some care. During the initial difficult days, we all had an opportunity to return just a little of the love she’s doled out to all of us over the years. Now she’s doing great.

Yes, those would be STAPLES!

Needless to say, New Year’s Resolutions were put on a back burner for a bit. Now that we’re back home in Chicago it’s time to start cooking—or juicing, in my case. Chez Fitch, 2011 is going to involve big changes.

Stephane is leaving Forbes to start his own business. That alone is going to turn our world upside down. Daddy will be away more often and the extra responsibilities will fall on me at home. Shovel snow much? Not moi. Yet.

Next fall, Coco will enter preschool at the French Lycee or get home schooled—there are no safe public schools where we live.

I’ve been longing to get back to my vegetarian roots and I’m flirting with a move toward veganism. Alas, I can’t move beyond my obsession with feta and goat cheese. Meanwhile, I’m desperate to awaken my daughter’s inner gourmet which will require massive bribes and probably her weight in M&M’s. Of course there will continue to be daily juices in 2011, made in my brand new juicer!

Mama's Little Helper

I’ve signed up for two photography classes in the new year. This went from a “want” to a “need” when I started public blogging. Bad photos ruin everything. Plus one of the classes is a date night event for Stephane and me. We also resolved to climb together more often and we’re making date nights out of that, too. A challenging 5.8 (for me) or a 5.12 (for him) followed by sushi and wine is a pretty perfect evening to us. My goal is to be a 5.10 project climber by the end of the year.

I need to embrace frozen Chicago winters and all they offer. This is our fourth winter here, and yet it wasn’t until this recent Christmas retreat in Seattle that Coco and I slid down our first hill, built our first snowman and put on our first pairs of ice skates. I said I would buy her a sled our first weekend home which means I’ve already broken one New Year’s promise, but I swear to fix that this coming weekend.

Fearless Flyers

Our first real challenge is a week of juice fasting, starting yesterday. We alway put on weight over the holidays and a seven day fast is a great way to both lose the extra pounds and reset our appetites to more reasonable portions.

So on to 2011, better late than never!


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