Raw Eating Challenge Day 2 – Pesto Spinach Salad YES!

Fresh Basil - Oh how I love thee!

Breakfast: Four Oranges
Lunch: Banana Mango Swiss Chard Smoothie
Dinner: Baby Spinach Pesto Salad and Spicy Tomato Soup

I should start by saying if you’re interested in doing the same raw food challenge that I’m doing, you have to join the party at RawRadiantHealth.com. It’s not free but if you’ve flirted with going raw, this would certainly be a way forward. You get a bunch of recipes, shopping lists and instructions, as well as access to videos and an online forum to share info and whatever. Natasha is the real deal and well respected in the raw community.

So the day started off with a bunch of fresh peeled oranges. I like oranges. Oranges go really well with coffee, Stephane says. I wouldn’t know, I’m off coffee this week. I can’t really complain about oranges for breakfast. They’re easier than cleaning the juicer.

For lunch I had a Banana Mango Swiss Chard Smoothie made entirely in my blender because thats what the recipe called for. I would stay home to drink this or you’ll be walking around with tiny green bits in your teeth. It’s worth making, especially if you get a CSA box full of chard, but I’d do at least the pineapple and the chard in the juicer.

I just made the pesto for the salad and it is TO DIE FOR. (I made it in my blender as advised in the recipe – let me advise you – use your food processor.) I added extra olive oil and water to get everything moving, and I doubled the recipe because there are two of us but I needn’t have bothered. The recipe makes plenty. Also pine nuts are ungodly expensive – another good reason not to double up ingredients!

Here’s the recipe:

Half Cup Pine Nuts
One Cup Spinach
Half Cup Fresh Cilantro
Half Cup Fresh Basil
Half Cup Chives (I used Leeks)
Three Large Cloves Garlic
One TBSP Olive Oil (I used more)
One Lemon (Juice of) (I peeled the lemon and threw the whole thing in)
Quarter Cup Water
Quarter TSP Sea Salt

Put all the ingredients in a food processor and then adjust to taste.

Update: So I started eating the pesto with a spoon while I was on the phone and I have to admit I’m glad I doubled the recipe. It’s so freaking good I may make it tomorrow, too!

Dinner also included a “spicy tomato soup” which is really gazpacho and really okay. I make what is possibly the best gazpacho on the planet so I’m picky, I’ll admit. I’m going to try to spice it up a little, I’ll let you know how that goes and maybe give you MY gazpacho recipe later.

And let us not forget “Your Daily Juice:”

Banana Mango Swiss Chard Smoothie
Two Bananas
One Mango (peeled and seed removed)
Two Cups Swiss Chard (just the leaves, remove the stems)
One Quarter Pineapple (husk removed) not called for but it wasn’t going to last

I threw it all in the blender with about a half cup filtered water. Next time I would juice the pineapple and the Swiss chard together, then add the mango and banana in the blender. It was very refreshing, very green and filling.


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