Google Readers Anonymous

I follow a lot of blogs. Craft blogs, cooking blogs, decorating blogs, a few fashion blogs, sewing blogs, vegan blogs, urban farming blogs, friends’ blogs… some blogs fall into more than one category – a lot of crafters also sew, cook and decorate, for instance, and some bloggers have become friends. I spend a LOT of time looking at and reading blogs.

I love the pretty photos, the ideas and inspiration, the tutorials and the recipes. I’ve book marked hundreds of pages under categories like “home sewing” “kids sewing” “party ideas” “Halloween ideas” “projects to do” “projects to do RIGHT NOW” etc., etc.

I use Google Reader to organize and follow about 150 blogs and since I spent this weekend paying attention to my family, I’ve got over 1,000 posts to catch up on. The reader stops counting at 1,000 so it could be way more or just a few more. Either way, it’s ridiculous. If I spent half the time actually doing the projects I’ve book marked, I’d have a crap load of scarves and skirts and felt food and duvet covers and towels that turn into backpacks and so on. I LOVE doing this stuff (which is weird because pre-kid my passion was skydiving and who knew the same person could love both?) but I really spend way too much time LOOKING and not enough time DOING. Not because I don’t have the gear. Oh man, have I got the gear.

I’ve got bins of fabric, threads, ribbon and a beautiful sewing machine I actually know how to use, sorta. I’ve got fourteen types of glue, pretty papers and pens, and this little doodad I got from my in laws for Christmas (thank you Grandmama!)

Cricut Create Electronic Cutting Machine

I even have a dedicated sewing / craft room. In other words, I’m totally spoiled and I’ve got no excuse for not getting more done (well except for the three point five year old wrapping fabric around my feet as I type.)

I need to take action, literally. I have a giant list of projects to do and the only way it’s going to get done is if I STOP adding to it. So today I am admitting I have a problem.

I am addicted to Google Reader. I would snort craft blogs if I could. So as of tomorrow (Monday, obviously) I’m not going to open my Google Reader until I’ve crossed some projects off my to do list. There. I’ve said it.

One day at a time, baby.


About divaskychick

Mom, wife, skydiver, rock climber, juicer, crafter and fan of wicked scary zombie novels.
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