7 Day Juice Diet – Juices 1 & 2

Got up at a reasonable time this morning, early enough and motivated enough to actually hit the gym before Coco’s class. I’ve done that on my own two whole times this year! Ridiculous, right? No wonder I’m getting so fat.

This morning’s juice was really straight forward:

Carrot Orange Dream

Five oranges, peeled but leaving as much pith as possible
Five small carrots
Two small apples
One cucumber
One small piece of ginger

Look how pretty! Everyone loved. Made about 40 oz which lasted until about 2 pm but I was HUNGRY when it was gone. I blame that on a rousing hour of looking silly in Zumba class.

Second juice was more of a kitchen sink drink:

One large cucumber
Three small apples
One bunch kale
One small zucchini
One handful parsley
One quarter pineapple

My pregnant friend couldn’t get enough of it and I was so famished I forgot to take a photo. I’ve finished it already and it’s only 5:30, although to be fair, I did share. I think the Zumba class really did make a difference because I’ve got some kind of headache right now. I want CHEESE.

But I’ll be good. It’s only day two, after all!


About divaskychick

Mom, wife, skydiver, rock climber, juicer, crafter and fan of wicked scary zombie novels.
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