Filling up our week

It’s break week for Park District Classes but not for Chicago Public Schools so we are trying to fill our time with fun stuff but also finding ourselves spending a lot of time alone. Monday we hit the Children’s Museum at Navy Pier.

Water Ways Exhibit

Music Room

Tuesday, it was the Nature Museum with Katie and Ellie.

Nature Museum

Judy Istock Butterfly Haven

Today we are alone again, checking out the new Little Beans Cafe on Webster & Elston.

House on fire!

Grocery store at Little Beans

Coco has been playing for a couple of hours but from her demeanor, she’s making do. The children are generally younger and she’s asked me several times now if there are “any more rooms to see.” She’s lonely for her friends but she’s also gotten picky about who her friends are. I think preschool will be good for her.

We got wait listed at the Lycee Francais and frankly, I am devastated by the news. I didn’t have a back up plan because I’ve only ever wanted her to attend the French school. I haven’t considered other schools at all. We found out over the weekend so Monday morning was a panic until I found out through a friend that there’s a French school in Winnetka, a gorgeous Chicago suburb about 30 minutes north of here. We have an appointment to tour the premises and meet the administrators tomorrow.

I still have hope we’ll be invited to attend the Lycee. It’s a few blocks away and two of Coco’s closest friends, Emma and Arielle are both there, as well as two more children she knows from across the street. I love the people I’ve met there and I think it will be a fantastic education for my very verbal, communicative child. I am a French citizen and my husband is French Canadian. We are diehard Francophiles and are both committed to global citizenry. The Lycee awards an international baccalaureate which will increase Coco’s opportunities to attend university anywhere in the world. Oh, there are a zillion reasons we want her there, and only three or so slots available. So wish us luck.

Last night we tried some entrees from Appetite for Reduction. I made the Chile Lime Rubbed Baked Tofu, the Butternut Squash and Coconut Brown Rice and the Jerk Asparagus. I could pretty much live off the rice dish but I loved everything. The bigger test was Stephane. He even loved the tofu, spice and all. It was a great introduction and now he’s on board with my picking up some pantry staples needed for a lot of the recipes. I’ve never heard of some of them but if the flavors are anything like last night, they’ll be worth the investment.


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