The French School and Everywhere Babies

Everywhere Babies, one of Coco's favorite books

Ellie’s mom Katie had a baby today. Felix’s mom Kris had a baby over the weekend. Wendy, Isa’s mom had a baby last week. Margie, Francesca’s mom, had a baby in February and Chiara, Emma’s mom, had a baby in November.

Congratulations to all my wonderful friends and their growing families. I’ve met Stella and Luca and I really look forward to meeting Noah, Nova and the today’s Twinkle Lemonade which is hopefully a temporary name. I send you love and healthy vibes, especially for Nova and Noah who are in need of some extra help right now.

But here’s the deal. Whatever super juju beans you took or special fertility dance you did to get preggers? Keep it to yourself please. Last week’s pregnancy scare was enough to put me off sex til menopause. I’ve never been so happy to see two parallel lines in my life.

And not just because navigating the preschool thing is such a nightmare, but that would be enough! We toured the French School in Winnetka yesterday.

French School

I can’t tell you how lovely it is. Well, I’ll try. It looks just like the picture above. And downstairs its decorated like a French salon, sort of Louis XIV, I guess. The director is from Milwaukee but she is all Parisian chic without any of the attitude. Her daughter is in kindergarden there and is fluent in four languages. The classes were tiny, less than sixteen children each. The projects they were working on blew my mind.

Unlike the Lycee, the French School is only half day for four year olds. It also costs half as much. Unfortunately, rather than five blocks away, it’s a 45 minute drive. Each way.

On the plus side, I could take French courses at the same time, a couple of days a week. Then I could work out and run errands the other days. It would drastically change our access to our friends but I suppose we’d make some new ones there.

Sigh. We just really need to get into the Lycee.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

In the afternoon we had our first Creative Drama class at Chase Park. Coco knows the teacher from previous classes and we even attended a performance of “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” there over the weekend. Thankfully the performance was only thirty minutes long because as it turns out, eight year olds lack skill. They were cute, though, and afterwards the princesses brought the little girls in the audience to dance on stage with them. Coco was in HEAVEN.

Today we had our last art class together at Horner park.  As of next week, Coco graduates to be with the the four and five year olds and tragically, it’s a drop off class.  I really can’t stand it! I love and adore Miss Cheryl, the wonderful art teacher Coco and I have been with for over a year now.  All this growing up stuff has got to stop.

And speaking of growing up, check out this stylish babe.

New hairstyle

C'est tres chic!


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