Zombie Novels and Baby Fever

Blah blah blah

So I’ve been feeling guilty for ignoring my blog but I’ve just lacked inspiration. We’ve been busy, of course, we always are. But motivation to commit words to “paper” has been in short supply.

So what’s new? I haven’t been juicing lately. No good reason.

We’re still on the waiting list at the Lycee.

Coco and I have been decorating bird houses together. Woo hoo.

I’ve sewn a bunch of stuff you haven’t seen and I can’t get my kid to wear and can’t photograph anyway because the weather has been really, really crappy. And that’s really the crux, I think. The weather has crushed my spirits.

Lake Shore Drive

An Average Winter Day?

I’m not special. Chicago weather gets everybody down. When I first moved here I couldn’t believe anyone lived here full-time. I mean, WHY would anyone CHOOSE to live in a city where winter lasts six months??? But over the past four years I have come to love Chicago and all this awesome city has to offer. I’ve made my peace with it.

And this year, for the first time, I kept a positive attitude the entire winter. I was the one saying, “It’s supposed to snow in February. Relax!” But when mid April rolled around and the sky was still endlessly gray, the temperature still in the low 40s and reports of possible snowfall hung over our heads, I just lost my sense of humor. And then I lost myself in books.


World War Zed

Now if you know me you know that zombie novels are not… novel for me. But lets just say April was one long apocalyptic marathon. Day and night, in the bath, while cooking, during drop off classes, once or twice at red lights… I read and read every zombie novel Amazon has to offer. I can’t even say I’m sick of them now. I only stopped because the forward thinking part of my brain really wants to remain married and because my kid complains a lot when I forget to feed her.

So I stepped away from the Kindle and tried to refocus my energy. My neighbor Lori and I joined World Gym which is less than a block away. We both realized that exercise would help our moods but that working out alone sucks, so now we have a standing date two mornings a week and the kids play together in the kids’ room for $2 per session. I’m also climbing at least once a week with Stephane, which isn’t enough if I’ve ever to achieve “project 5.10” climber status. (Who am I kidding, a 5.8 kicked my ass Thursday night. So frustrating!)

Then the weather improved (a smidge) and some sort of Spring / Baby fever hit me hard and totally out of the blue. I know what you’re thinking, “Really Mandy? BABIES? After that last post?” And yes, I tell you, it’s true. I want a baby and I want it bad.

Ragdoll Doll Puppies

Tell me you don’t want one of those angel faces! I’m obsessed. I think it started with wanting to get a cat to keep Chloe company when we take off on trips, and for Coco to play with since Chloe is not exactly child friendly. It was a good idea and we are getting a rescue kitty within the next few days. I’ve “been approved to adopt” by one of our local rescue agencies. (Who knew it would be so hard to save a pet from death row??) I’ll introduce her when I get her but here’s a tease – she was advertised as “schmooshy” which is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Not mine but that's one scary looking cat, right?!!

I hate that Coco is uninterested in cats. Chloe scratches and will even bite if you bug her enough but the scratches break skin so they’re usually enough. I constantly have to warn kids to leave her alone and the ones who won’t listen have gone home with painful souvenirs. So we took Coco to a shelter a couple of weeks ago to look at “nice” kitties and while she thought many of them were pretty, she wasn’t enthusiastic about bringing one home. I offered to take her again the following week and she outright declined. (!!!)

Wait, what's that in the sky?

I, of course, was in heaven. I snuck into the dog area while Stephane was parking the car and it was like the sun was suddenly shining on me. I felt warm again. And that was it. I want, no I NEED a puppy. My arms want to cuddle a furry little baby and smell that delicious puppy smell.

Because somehow, potty training Coco wasn’t enough. And I’m just DYING to walk a dog at 6 am in the freezing cold for months on end.

Oh well, there are sure to be new zombie novels to cheer me up by next winter.


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Mom, wife, skydiver, rock climber, juicer, crafter and fan of wicked scary zombie novels.
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