Random Thoughts of a Not So Super Mama

(Sorry for the way too personal bummer rant but I need to get this out there so I can get busy getting busy!)

That is a play on the title of another blog out there and it makes me jealous.  Not the title, really, but the super mom thing.  I came across another blog yesterday (my kid is sick, sue me for surfing) where the super crafty mom sews and crochets, keeps a busy blog  up to date AND has a few kids, teaches LAW at the university and trains for Triathalons.  I’m not kidding.

I have one kid, one puppy and one very busy husband who are my full time gig.  That’s it.  Sure, we keep busy.  We take a lot of classes through the park district.  We have daily play dates which we host, a LOT.  But come on!  I hardly ever go to the gym.  I have a weekly housekeeper!  And I still have no energy.  What is going on with me?

When I compare myself to my husband, I despair.  He started his own business this year.  He could be working 24 hours a day, he’s that busy, but he finds time to go to the climbing gym five days a week, gives our child a bath, gets her teeth brushed and reads her stories almost every night. He makes me coffee in the morning. And he STILL manages to clean the kitchen sometimes. Oh yes, and he folds the laundry.

So clearly, I’m a loser.

I want to be the mom who:

Makes fresh juice for the family every morning (sometimes I manage this for months in a row, then I just get sick of cleaning the juicer and stop.)

Helps her husband with his business – filing, taking care of bills and the billing, meeting clients out to help sell.

Reads to her daughter a LOT more.  Teaches her how to read and do basic math.

Goes to the gym five days a week.  This can include twice a week climbing with husband because that makes him so happy!

Writes her awesome zombie novel that is already partially outlined.

Trains her puppy to be the lovely companion /therapy dog she’s meant to be.

Sews beautiful things for house and home.

Crafts often with our child.

Cooks super healthy meals they love.

Okay, I don’t know if that’s all doable on a daily basis but that would make me a Super Mama and that would make me HAPPY.

So what’s the strategy?  How do I fit it all in when all I really want to do is read other people’s awesome zombie novels and surf all the awesome crafty mama blogs that others work so hard on.  It’s so much easier to live in my imagination but my husband, daughter and dog to not get the fun end of that stick.

What’s the secret?  I suspect organization, scheduling and discipline.  Not my strong suits.  Have to think on this. I’m open to suggestions.


About divaskychick

Mom, wife, skydiver, rock climber, juicer, crafter and fan of wicked scary zombie novels.
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3 Responses to Random Thoughts of a Not So Super Mama

  1. Mandy….
    When I got pregnant and talked with you and Stephane about children I was amazed by how much you do. You are a beautiful woman and a great mommy. If I didn’t already have the best mommy in the world I would totally hire you to be mine. I think we all get into funks. If you’re anything like me you are probably your own worst critic and hold yourself to a much higher level than other mere mortals aspire to. When you don’t reach that mark you despair. Don’t despair. When I’m in that kind of a funk I find something new that inspires me and it revs excitement for my other interests and activities as well. I think you need a new inspiration, but if you don’t find one and stay in this funk forever I still think you’re a great mother and woman.

    • divaskychick says:

      Thanks so much for your sweet words, Ashley. You’re too right that we all get in these funks. And I’m sure that I’m hard on myself – aren’t we all?!

      I think my problem might just be TOO MUCH inspiration! I’m so overwhelmed by all the things I want to do that I’m paralyzed! I have to stop taking in new ideas until I can execute the current ones. Organization and discipline! Somehow the key is in there, I think. xoxo

  2. Mandy, I totally “hear” you on this. While my friends might say that I do a lot in any given day, it seems to me like I am a loser when it comes to (among other things that I will probably forget at this moment)- novel is outlined but started about three times and I’m not liking it (& more than likely to try a different way soon), not taking advantage of having my sax with me and need lessons again, need to do more than 3 times a week yoga (not necessarily more yoga, but more exercise), not taking Leo to singing class (he hasn’t pushed me to enroll him… yet), not taking the kids to get musical lessons on the instrument of their choice (something that will rear its ugly head soon-ish), not seeing my girl cousins or girl friends often enough while in the states, not doing enough school work (we do plenty but then I think, don’t they need to start physics? ahem, they are in 6th & 7th and physics isn’t necessary at this age, but I still panic. Should I be starting calculus soon? No, but then again… sighing). You’re right, organization is part of it, and NO it is not natural to me, either. And your friend is right, too. We all get in a funk and it is OK to just wallow in it for a bit, but then we need to pick up our lazy, procrastinating, just-a-wee-bit-older-and-hopefully-wiser asses up and get back to what we think works for us. We cannot compare ourselves to others and hope to gain from that. I have compared myself to other people and then found out that the person I was comparing myself to, tried to commit suicide. I have had other people tell me that they thought I had the “perfect” relationship, only after I broke up with his coke-taking-asshole ways. Its easy to perceive that others are accomplishing more than us. So enjoy your “inspirations”, knowing that every once in a while, YOU will be someone’s inspiration (as you are mine at times) and that you are not perfect but our wish to gain more wisdom, more experience and learn from it, and our urge to love each other more fully will always be our goal. OK, now I am sounding too “new agey” for me. Your blog hit home with me, mamacita, and I just know that you are probably not feeling this at all anymore, but I wanted to share (over share?) with you that we all struggle.

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