Time is FLYING!

It’s already May 15 today.  We are moving out of our home in less than a month!

I’d like to say I’m busy packing, packing, packing but while I’ve done a little, there’s an entire household left to do.  I have been busy though.

Stephane and I finally identified a project I could do (apparently well) for our business. So I’ve been editing the hell out of a portion of his book.  It really helped him out with his deadline and it was fun to be working so closely together.  I guess it’s a preview of this fall when Coco is in school fulltime and I will take on more responsibilities as Director of Social Media for our biz. I have only a vague idea of what that will entail but I love projects so I know I will dive right in. I’m really looking forward to it.

We also had a few weeks of insanity around here while we were showing our condo to prospective tenants.  We had to keep the place immaculate for showings which is no easy feat when you have a four year old child, a dog and a cat (not to mention a husband) who all like to make a mess when they play. Then my housekeeper decided those two weeks were a great time to visit her mother in Guatemala.  IEEE!

But we did it! We found what looks to be an awesome tenant who we hope will stick around for a few years so we don’t have to go through this again anytime soon.

Seriously, apart from about two hours once a week after the housekeeper leaves, Chez Fitch is NEVER neat.  It might be clean (maybe) but it’s always a mess.  Want to see the pretty pictures from Craigslist?

It’s nice to have pretty photos of the home we’ve living in for almost five years.  It’s the only home Coco has ever known and we have made so many wonderful friends here.  Only time will tell who stays in contact but fortunately for us, I’ve taken a LOT of photos over the years so at least we’ll have lovely memories.

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Mom, wife, skydiver, rock climber, juicer, crafter and fan of wicked scary zombie novels.
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