Raw Sunflower Sesame Bread – Gluten-free!

Okay, I never got photos of the Chocolate Chia Pudding but it looked like this: rawchocchiapudding

The photo will click through to Get Well Grounded’s recipe. I didn’t use that one exactly but it looks perfect and I will next time.  Coco didn’t like my pudding- I think it was a texture thing. Stephane gobbled it up, though, and I loved non chocolate version.

So last night I decided to try my new dehydrator.  No, I didn’t get the Excalibur 9 tray “god of dehydrators.”  I wish.  I bought myself the $60 Nesco which had good reviews on Amazon but is definitely not sexy.  I mean, if a dehydrator could ever be sexy…

Anyway it was a good thing I got the cheapy because the next day my food processor died.  Now THAT was a disaster. I used the food processor a LOT. So yesterday I had the opportunity to play with both my new toys.  And I learned a lesson.  Tell you later.

The recipe for Sunflower Sesame Bread comes from Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen which I bought on Amazon years ago, the first time I flirted with Raw Veganism.

Her recipe called for black sesames and both ground and whole flax seeds.  I only had ground flax so I substituted whole chia seeds.  I only had tan sesame seeds so I used those.  I still have no idea why I have two huge containers of sesame seeds…

The bread turned out fantastic.  It looks like this:

The photo links back to another blog with the full recipe.  I hate reinventing the wheel and Crystal did a fab job of describing how it all comes together. She’s got loads of yummy recipes so check her out.

I’m not hungry right now. I had a huge salad for lunch but for dinner I plan to make a sandwich EXACTLY like the photo above.  It’s so pretty and healthy looking, isn’t it?!!

Oh yeah, lessons… So for a lifestyle that eschews cooking, raw cuisine can be really time consuming. For anything not simply a salad, something has to be soaked and/or dehydrated.  Both take time. You see where this is going, right? I started making the bread after Coco went to bed and three hours later realized that I had two hours to go on the dehydrator and I was falling asleep on my feet. My cheapy machine doesn’t have a timer.

On the bright side, sitting out all night didn’t seem to bother it all.  I think the chia seeds needed more time than the flax anyway. I probably gave it three more hours in the dryer today and the bread tasted awesome.  I had a little with the sun dried tomato “cheese” I made a few days ago.  The cheese was really cashews and other yumminess. The cashews had to be soaked overnight, of course.  I suppose it’s a good thing. It’s hard to pig out when I have to anticipate my cravings 24 hours in advance…

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